UNTHINKABLE – 4: “Let Go” – Self-Knowledge

The UNTHINKABLE articles were first posted on Linked In. 

I smile as I recognise that the speed of change and evolution now means that I’ve put developing this leadership model on hold for now. I am, however, leaving these 7 articles up as I feel they do illustrate core source issues and opportunities for leaders to look at in themselves prior to developing and practicing their own evolution of their leadership.

(The fourth in a series of articles inspired by a Sep 26, 2017 Workshop for Entrepreneurial Scotland)

The previous two articles in this series looked at our fears as individuals, the importance of understanding them and the impact they have, as leaders, on our business and the people in it.

This then leads on to the three focal areas under the theme of “Let Go” that, when we focus upon them, support us in letting go of our fears so s to be able to lead effectively in times of unthinkable disruption.


Self-knowledge is a lifelong investment and I do encourage all of us to continually invest in ourselves in this area.

There are so many sources, resources and tools that come to us all the time once we open ourselves up to self-knowledge

One recent one for me was to discover a lady called Scilla Elworthy (hat tip to Justine Clement for sharing this knowledge with me).

Please do invest fifteen minutes to watch this stunning TED talk about the importance of self-knowledge in addressing conflict with non-violent approaches. As you watch it, please also observe the presence of Scilla. In this talk she openly discusses her own journey of knowing herself, and it clearly shows in her powerful and calm presence.

As an exercise from this focus on self-knowledge, please reflect on any or all of the powerful stories Scilla tells and find one story from an event in your own past where you felt present and aligned, and one story where you felt far less than your best. Write them down, by hand (there is power in writing by hand)

I’m keeping each article in this series short and with only a few points. Please do share your thoughts, ideas, tips on self-knowledge, I love collaboration !

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