UNTHINKABLE – 2 : “Let Go” – looking at our fears

The UNTHINKABLE articles were first posted on Linked In. 

I smile as I recognise that the speed of change and evolution now means that I’ve put developing this leadership model on hold for now. I am, however, leaving these 7 articles up as I feel they do illustrate core source issues and opportunities for leaders to look at in themselves prior to developing and practicing their own evolution of their leadership.

(The second in a series of articles inspired by a Sep 26, 2017 Workshop for Entrepreneurial Scotland)


The first in this series of articles featured a nascent Open Leadership Model.

The first theme for leaders is to Let Go of their fears, as we cannot lead from a place of fear, we must lead from a place of confidence and trust. Under this theme sit three focal points, and I will look at these in the next article.

For this article, though, let’s first look at our own fears. Take a moment to consider what your own deepest fears are as a human being, as who we are and what our values and beliefs are (and our fears) will always impact our business and the people involved in it.

To give you a story to stimulate your process, I share a story. A past client of mine lives in the Caribbean and is a star in their specialist field, leading their business in that country. On September 1st, they moved into their dream home with their spouse and two young children and pregnant with their third child.

Perfect family moment, and a stable foundation at home for a leader of a dynamic business, yes ? Now watch this one minute video :

“No walls… maybe because they’re attached to the roof….that’s right, well guess everybody, no roof!”

Less than two weeks later, they contacted me, having evacuated their whole business to another Caribbean Island. The presence they showed as a leader was inspirational and showed such self-knowledge and awareness.

How well do you know yourself, how would you have responded in such a staggeringly disruptive and unthinkable situation ?

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