Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk

Way before the Pandemic, I always loved to go for meetings outside, walking and talking. Being outside literally and metaphorically brings new and fresh perspectives when compared to being in a meeting room.

Now that face to face meetings and travelling any distance are so restricted, more and more people are meeting in different ways. Yes, we often live on Zoom (and can get fatigued with that!), but I’ve also found it great that more and more “walk and talk” meetings are happening, in two main ways.

First, “virtual walk and talks”, where both people go for a walk close to their home, then talk on the phone as they walk. Tip. Take a notebook and pen with you to stop and capture key thoughts as you go.

Second, simply meeting up to walk and talk. Tip. Find somewhere new and different for all of you. Fresh perspectives, remember?

The photo above is from a two-hour walk and talk with clients yesterday morning. Yes, we had a gorgeous crisp and sunny Autumn morning, but even if it had rained, remember, as any cyclist would tell you, “there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing”, so you can walk and talk any time of year.

So, an offer. If you’d like to meet up with me to talk through anything, book a time to do so here. Yes, it will automatically book a Zoom for you, but simply make a note when booking that you’d like to shift it to a phone “virtual walk and talk” with me. Also, if you’d like to meet in person and you live in or around London, happy to find a fresh and new place to meet in person to “walk and talk”, so email me.

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