A moment of musical zen

Earlier this week I wrote: “Fall in love more“, encouraging us all to focus more on love and appreciation as a way to then be someone who is and leads from that energy, enabling qualities such as Trust, Empathy, Understanding, Passion, Excitement, Happiness, Abundance.

Well, later that sam evening I was listening to random music and up came the live version of “Tunnel of Love” by Dire Straits, a song they used as the closer to their concerts, with an extended jam led by their sublime lead guitarist, Mark Knopfler (who also wrote the soundtrack to my favourite movie, Local Hero).

The main song is very much a pop song, then about nine minutes in the pace suddenly changes to something rich, slow, emotive, before building that emotion and intensity more and more to the beautiful end.

“girl it looks so pretty to me, like it always did. Oh, like the Spanish city to me, when we were kids..”

Gets me every time… sigh. It always is so uplifting to me, and that evening I fell in love with it even more.

Here it is, starting just before that moment of mood change at 9 minutes in:

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