How leaders win the hardest battle

Ben Brabyn

At the top of the Writing page on my site, it says: “I get my best ideas from listening to people”. Over the last few years, high on that list of people to listen to is Ben Brabyn, our regular meetups have always been high points in my diary. Always inspirational, they feel a lot like “mutual mentoring” as we listen to each other and bring forth ideas together.

I’m also a student of leadership in multiple arenas, with military leadership being one such field. This week Ben posted on LinkedIn:

Here’s what I’ve learned listening to hundreds of veterans from private soldiers to 4 star generals over 20 years.

How leaders win the hardest battle – for legitimacy and cohesion.

This then linked to a guest article on ERP:

I encourage you to read the whole piece, it is full of wisdom. Here I simply give you the conclusion:

COVID-19 is not the fault of businesses, but it has exposed fault lines in our communities that we must fix, and if businesses are not seen as part of the solution, they will be punished for being part of the problem.

Now is a time for commercial leaders to become champions of cohesion, and to adopt the tradition of leadership embedded in the motto of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst – ‘Serve to Lead’.

Serve to Lead – Indeed. Thank you, my friend.

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