A cautionary tale for your weekend pleasure

cautionary tale
from “Cautionary Tales“, a podcast series by Tim Harford

“A cautionary tale for your weekend pleasure”. Language is fascinating, eh? Am sure that title felt like an odd combination to you, perhaps compelling you more than usual to open this particular daily post?

Anyway, today I am on an all-day road trip by car out of London to help someone out, so posting this in advance for you to enjoy on your weekend.

In: “Tim Harford and the secret to creativity“, written back in early 2019, I shared his secret of “slow-motion multitasking”, an idea relevant to our times, as well as my current and “soon come” future offerings. Eventually, I’m going to write a book, but for now, I’m at ~1000 daily posts and soon launching “WhatComesNext.Live“, another outlet I hope is of value to you.

Now, late last year, Tim started a podcast series called “Cautionary Tales”, and he has just brought it back with new stories, with shorter stories focussed on relevance to where we are right now living in, through and beyond the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As of today, he has published two, with, I hope, more to come each week. Each one is also only 25 minutes, so perfect for listening to over a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.

Always entertaining, always thought-provoking, I encourage you to listen now to the latest from Tim, his podcast: “Cautionary Tales

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