Wake up, get up, get going

Wake up, get up, get going

Almost every day I bounce out of bed before my alarm goes off at 7am. In fact, as the days have moved from late winter to early summer in the over two months of lockdown, the sun has woken me earlier and earlier and often I’ve been up and drinking my coffee before 7am.

This morning, though, I felt too tired. Why? The image above is of the first bike ride I’ve taken since last autumn. Felt SO good to have the bike off the trainer and to be out in the fresh summer air. Tired this morning though, hence hit snooze a couple of times, rare for me.

The thing is, once I did stop the snooze, I picked up my phone and lay in bed getting sucked into the news and varying (to be polite) views spit out (sometimes vehemently) on social media.

Before I knew it, it was 8:30 and my physical tiredness had shifted to down energy partly from inactivity, but mostly from all that negativity.

Reminder to self. Stick to a routine. Wake up, get up, get going. What works for each of us will vary, but I’m a morning person, so I’m a “wake up, get up, get going” person. Once I get going and into a rhythm, my energy and positivity carries me along.

With that, another day beckons. Oh, and apologies for not quite getting today’s post out at 8am.

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