Watch out for feeling flat

feeling flat

As I listen and observe in calls and (online, these days) meetings with leaders around the world, I am always watchful for shifts and disconnects between what we are doing and how we are feeling.

Throughout the pandemic progression I have been seeing shifts and sharing my thoughts as they occur. Right now my focus for you is to watch out for feeling “flat”, both in yourself and those you lead.

My sense of the progression up until now and what comes next:

  • In the first weeks, many were focussed on crisis management and leadership, focussing on immediate needs and actions.
  • In the last several weeks most of the key business steps have been taken to address the short term and, on the personal side, most have adapted to working from home and other related shifts. In short, for the last few weeks, many have had a feeling of “settling in” and are likely reasonably calm and productive.
  • However, I predict that the dawning realisation in many countries that we will not simply “come out of lockdown” may create a real shift in energy from either “up” or “neutral” in recent weeks to “flat” or “down”. BTW, this report is the best I’ve seen to clearly explain “What Happens Next?
  • I further sense that this flat energy will last for a few weeks before, once again, people “settle in” and adjust.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change”

~ Suki Laniado Smith.

I hope this supports your own awareness for self and for those you lead.

As to what to communicate to others and ways to lift energy, each situation will vary. Click to set up a call with me, would love to listen and sound things out with you.

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