How might this clarify what we value?

What do you value?

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry David Thoreau

In the surreal “groundhog day” that is waking up each morning in lockdown, Sunday mornings still feel a little different to me, a different kind of day and one where I tend to look to be quiet and to muse.

This morning I am wondering how this experience might clarify and thus allow us to redefine what we value.

I am reasonably aware that I come at this through my own lens, that of someone born in the first world and who has been in the “1%” in terms of privilege in different ways, including travel and earnings over the years.

Recognising that lens and that we are all different, a few shifts I feel for me coming out of this.

  • I will travel less, but value travelling to be with loved ones more
  • I will value solitude less and togetherness more.
  • I will be more grateful to be together with friends and loved ones.
  • I will focus more on experiences and less on material possessions.
  • I will give more
  • I will lead by example more
  • I will focus even more on creating a fairer world
  • I will hug more 🙂

A little indulgent, today’s post. Hey, Sunday 🙂

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