Be Kind

COVID-19 Be Kind

This image is circulating right now as derivation of a well established model for self-awareness around “Comfort>Stretch>Panic” zones. This current Covid-19 one is valuable as a self-awareness tool so we can move out of fear/panic to more useful places to first help ourselves then help others.

What I would add, though, is three thoughts around this, then one core one:

  1. Bravery is in the eye of the beholder. Whilst this graphic usefully looks to label behaviours in each zone, we are all different. What is brave to some may seem normal to others. For more, see this post.
  2. Be non-judgmental. At a time like this, we are all feeling differently than normal due to the unique circumstances and environment. Everyone will react differently and often in ways out of their normal character. I encourage all of us to accept people where they are in this moment, suspend judgment.
  3. Timeframes do vary. Some are focussed moment to moment, others day to day, while still others are already planning for the future. There is no set way to move from one timeframe, one zone to the next.

In summary, this is a useful graphic, and in reviewing and even using it, please remember one thing. Be Kind (to yourself and to others).

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