Here it is, your moment of Zen

Moment of Zen

For years I loved to watch “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, which for year after year skewered political idiocy, making serious points with great humour. Every show then finished with Jon saying “here it is, your moment of zen”, followed by a short random funny clip.

That phrase stuck with me. So, yesterday, in the middle of another intense day of zoom meetings, I felt I needed a break. I stepped out and sat on my terrace, put my head back, closed my eyes and soaked up the sun for a few minutes, clearing my mind entirely. My moment of zen.

At this stage of the Covid crisis, it is easy to get consumed by work supporting others. Always remember, though, to “first put the oxygen mask yourself”. For me that is to sleep and eat properly, and also to find moments of zen in the day. Find your own moments of zen, and, in closing, “here it is, your moment of zen”:

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