Brave Transformation isn’t easy in a basement

Brave and Transformative

Over the years sometimes I’ve been asked to lead client meetings in hotel conference rooms in basements with no natural light. Sometimes “needs must”, but when a group is looking at brave and transformative ideas, always find a venue away from the office that has lots of natural light and space. It can only make it easier to create the inspiration and shifts you are looking for!

So as this publishes, I’m back in London after another great week working in Cayman. The photo above was of the venue chosen for a full day facilitation for a leadership team. Nice, but now look at the video from the balcony of the venue.

Wow… and this is really one of my favourite spots in Cayman to work with clients.

PS one I love even more is the studio at Flow, so let that be a hint for leaders in Cayman too!

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