Being patient is not about doing nothing

Patience: Being patient is not about doing nothing

Yesterday I mused about patience in “Being Patient can be a Practice“, musing that, at this quiet time between Christmas and New Year: “I find myself struggling today to “do nothing” and, on a broader sense, to “be patient” and allow time for things to emerge and evolve in a few different ways in my work and life.”

Today, noting that my theme over the last “holiday week” has been around slowing down and being patient, I want to shift and clarify something today.

Being patient is not about doing nothing.

To do nothing and expect what you wish for to magically appear, I don’t believe that works. Instead, focus on and work with focus and dedication on whatever, at source, needs to be focussed on in order to deliver the results you are seeking.

Patience, then, is about your attitude towards getting those results, both in timing and absolute outcome.

In our culture we celebrate winners, we celebrate heroes in life, business, sport and more. However, not everyone can be on the podium, the elite of the elite. Not everyone gets what they want.

However, if you do the source work and be patient about the outcomes, that combination, I have found, tends to deliver powerful results.

Do the work and be patient.

Right, back to the liminal days until the New Year starts back up. For more on that word liminality, another little blog for you.

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