What do you do that is different?

Adam Peaty, ISL, What do you do that is different?
Adam Peaty at the ISL

Chip Conley often reminds us to learn a new skill every year that has nothing to do with what we do for work. This skill is what we do that is different.

For me, one thing I do that is different is that I have been passionate about being a swimming referee now for many years and always learning more in that field. Also, my most-read article of all time is one that went viral in the swim officials community: “Leadership Lessons from a Swim Referee” and, as the title infers, I find parallels to my work in this role too!

So, this weekend I am doing something that is different and really special. I have rarely been so excited about a swim meet! I will be “on deck” as an official at the ISL Meet in London, the brand new International Swimming League featuring the world’s top pro swimmers in a made for TV all action, all “finals” event run on a team basis.

This is the first year for the ISL, and am sure there will be lots of learnings at all levels, including for us as officials. Meanwhile, for your Saturday morning, take a look at a sample race from earlier in the ISL season, Adam Peaty in action.

Oh, and what do you do that is different? Would love to learn more, add a comment on twitter / LI or message or email me.

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