Learnings from Writing: Purpose, Commitment and Patience

This image is of the site traffic for this site over the 18 months to October 2019. In that time period traffic has grown well over five-fold.

Overall, the site has been in place for a little over two years, with 750 posts, an average of nearly 600 words per post, 450,000 words in total. For those who’ve encouraged me over the years to write a book, thank you! It seems I prefer (for now!) short-form writing, but this is about the equivalent of eight books now in the posts here. Back to the growth in site traffic, this growth over eighteen months (of more than 5x in view, more than 7.5x in visitors) feels pretty strong. Since the site first started, it is even stronger.

In all this time this growth has come down to one thing. Content.

What potential lessons are there here?

For me, it is about Purpose, Commitment and Patience

I write because my Purpose drives me to share what I learn

I write because I choose to make that Commitment

In all of that, I am human and I love an audience, I love to know that people read what I write, so it is energising to see growing numbers doing just that. That site growth has come purely from keeping on at writing, what is called “organic” growth in website terms. No ads, no whizz-bang search engine optimising, simply content. So, to get this far has taken two years, thus Patience.

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