Do well by doing good

doing good pays

This week has been absolutely full for me around meetings and events with amazing people and businesses, I feel highly privileged and grateful.

A recurring theme has been that we are all on a spectrum in the business between doing well and doing good.

I admit that in the early stages of my career my focus was much more on doing well (financial success, building income and assets for myself and others) than doing good (living the new triple bottom line by focussing on Purpose+People+Planet).

I’ve certainly moved along the spectrum over the years, such that if I am not doing good I am not interested in doing well. I’ll only put my time and energy (and funds) into people, businesses and investments that have, at their absolute core, doing good. Oh, and then all of those decades of focussing on “doing well” comes into play as I’ll then support those I focus on in doing well by doing good.

Where are you on the spectrum of doing well and doing good, and are you yet a believer that by doing good at the forefront you can and will do well?

If you are a regular reader of this site, you’ll see I look at this and give real examples over and over. If you are new here, how about giving me a call and we can talk through for half an hour how you too can shift even more focus to doing well by doing good.

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