Hone your message

hone message

One evening this week I had the privilege as a GlobalScot to attend a “pitch coaching” event in London to support some Scottish businesses in honing their “pitch”, with a specific focus around the London market.

Before we started, I asked them specifically what they were each looking for from the evening. One said that they wanted to be really challenged, to get the hard questions, for us to be tough. Though I typically play the role of coach, listening deeply and quietly, I followed their wishes and gave them a really tough time around their pitch. Talking afterwards, they noted to me that they used to be a national-level boxer, and of the famous Mike Tyson quote: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”, then that they loved the “punches” they received and now they could go off and hone their message.

It was a great evening and I was truly inspired by both the business owners and my fellow GlobalScots, leading us to agree to do this regularly, to connect with scale-up businesses and look to support them. For Cayman friends, some will remember CAIN, the Cayman Angel Investors Network, where a group of us similarly mentored businesses to hone their message then help them both with investment and growth. Felt good to share that experience to help build something new too.

Oh and the picture? It is of the City of London looking over the Thames beyond HMS Belfast, close to the venue for that evening. I consciously took extra time to walk and meander around the area before the event. So glad I did, as I got to take in the view and take that picture.

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