Would you rather be a Specialist or a Generalist?

How a generalist triumphs in a specialized world

Summer is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, so many will be looking for books to read. So, I just found out that David Epstein, author of “The Sports Gene”, which spun the “10,000 hours” theory on its head, has now come out with a brand new book:

Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

I haven’t read it as yet, but am clear that I still recommend this book because:

  1. If it by David Epstein it will be valuable to read
  2. I’m definitely a generalist, so I’m biased!

For years I used to say “my specialism is that I’m a generalist”, so I’m intrigued by what Epstein has come up with.

I also seem to have developed a niche in developing senior leaders in central government. Civil Servants are indeed specialists at being generalists, so I hope to pick up some great new learnings to support such clients in the future.

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