Beautiful Moment – Guiding Light


Sometimes life can feel too much. Speed, complexity, demands, deadlines, all can mount up and create a feeling of overwhelm in any of us.

At such times, rather than trying to think our way out of it, to analyse to a solution, perhaps pause, get out, take a walk, be present.

Today a moment of beauty and a story about what happened for some people who took a walk on the South Bank of London a few months ago in September 2018.

The South Bank is one of the most popular places to go for a walk in London, with amazing views along and across the Thames to all the architecture of London. One of the most stunning buildings is the Tate Modern, and outside that building musicians often play.

Well, one day last September, one of the globally famous bands to come out of London played a surprise gig to film a video for the first single off their new album.

Such an uplifting song and the smiles as the crowd sing along.

Be present for a moment and enjoy the beauty of that group energy!

This is Mumford and Sons, “Guiding Light”

Oh, and this morning before I wrote this, someone very dear to me was messaging feeling a real sense of existential struggle. I first felt the tendency to try to “fix” their concerns with words, by countering their fears. Instead, I first called them to listen for a few minutes. Then, a short while later, this uplifting song found itself to me, so I shared it with them, asking them to simply take a few minutes to pause and watch it. It helped.

Sometimes when we feel things are too much, pause. Go for a walk. You never know, you might even come across a band giving a surprise concert and be in their video!

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