Watch your language!


When I was a teenager, occasionally at school someone (yes, sometimes that someone was me!) would let slip a swear word in class. The teacher would typically say something like “watch your language!”. Interesting turn of phrase, now I think about it!

Language is really powerful, and awareness around and choice of language can and does make an enormous impact on our communication.

Today a few quick thoughts and ideas.

Let’s today consider some choices around our language that can flip a subtle down or negative inference and energy to a different and often more positive and “energy up” phrasing ✨

“I’ll try” can be changed to “I will”, or “I shall”

“How are you doing?” is often answered by “not bad” or in the Caribbean, “ok so far”

“have a safe flight” to “go well”, or “hamba kahle

“must”, “need to”, “have to” all feel restrictive, though sometimes give you impetus to act

“can”, “choose to” are much more from a place of choice

“I hope you had a good day” or “I trust you had a good day”. Subtly different

“you are” {feeling something} or “I sense that you are”, the latter less directive

These are simply a few (not “just a few”, but “simply a few”) that come to mind right away. So much depth of meaning and inference in language.

I shall try to always “watch” my language. Apologies, I WILL watch my language, oh master Yoda!

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