Slow down – what do you see?

Monday 1st October. It is 7:35am. I got out of bed at 5:30am in Edinburgh, then got a bus and then the train through to Glasgow. It is almost freezing, I am kicking myself for not bringing my winter coat. Even though it is early, people are walking at high speed through the cold early morning, most with heads down, many looking at their phones.

I was, however, in good time for a breakfast meeting, so what did I see when I slowed down a little?

Glasgow sunrise

As I walked to my breakfast meeting, I looked back to the East towards George Square, to be greeted by this majestic sunrise.

Slow down, you never know what you might see.

As for me, I find that by giving myself time to walk slowly to meetings, I arrive alert, aware, calm and ready.

How you show up impacts, well, how you show up. How do you show up?

Oh, and after that enlivening breakfast meeting, at 9:23am, as I walked back the direction I had come, I took a photo from the same spot. By that time a more typical grey pallet, yet at the same time, there is beauty in the contrast, just as I am experiencing that as the seasons change at this time of year.

Glasgow grey


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