Leadership lessons – from an orchestra conductor

dressage orchestra

Yes, that photo is of a horse and rider doing dressage being conducted along with a chamber orchestra. My friend Steven Roth, a conductor of many years experience, has even conducted dancing horses !!

Steven is Executive Director of Scottish Ballet and I love meeting up with him when we can to exchange ideas on leadership.

We met recently for breakfast in Glasgow and afterwards he sent me this hysterical clip of Mr Bean as a conductor, then later shared some leadership lessons he takes from it.

Thank you for giving me permission to share, Steven !

What do you observe in a leadership context from this hysterical clip ?

Some thoughts from Steven Roth, leader and conductor:

  • As a CEO everyone is constantly watching you: for direction, leadership, vision etc. How do you deal with being constantly under the microscope?
  • Are people following you because they are impassioned about your leadership and direction, or simply following ‘orders’ (ie the baton)?
  • As a CEO you can drive the organisation fast, slow and everything in between. The pace changes the tune – is it a good tune you and your teams are playing? Are your customers/clients responding to it? Are your teams singing your song?
  • Music has the ability to move people; or not. As a CEO – the ‘conductor’ of your organisation – you have the ability to move people; or not. What is your conducting style?

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