Movies with Meaning – Determination and Belief

Weekly series. Do please send suggestions via email, twitter etc. You can send a theme and/or specific movies. Each week we feature three movies with meaning, so send in a movie with a sentence or two on the core meaning you take from it and a clip from the movie that speaks to that meaning.

This week three movies about real people achieving through determination and belief, both belief in self and also the power of being believed in

The King’s Speech (2011)

A movie mostly set in a run down basement, a two hander with Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth, of the King overcoming his stammer. Wonderful acting, demonstrating immense determination to duty and to the task of supporting the King, powered by both skill and belief from the man supporting the King.


Gandhi (1982)

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” ― Victor Hugo

At the same time the story of Gandhi will be told and retold for centuries. His absolute determination and belief in India and in self-determination saw him resolute in his stance and ultimately freed hundreds of millions.

A truly epic movie.


Senna (2011)

The stunning director by Asif Kapadia. Though I used to love watching Formula 1 racing, there is no need to have any interest in it for to be thoroughly gripped by the story of this sublime talent. It was far more than talent though, Senna was absolutely driven, determined and full of belief.

To see some of the key scenes in this documentary of the man himself talking, witnessing the power of that determination and belief. Powerful.

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