What does it mean to be a “Sage” ?


Rumi – timeless wisdom from many centuries ago

This year I am focussed on the term Modern Elder :

“A Modern Elder is someone who serves and learns, is mentor and intern, is student and sage, all at the same time” ~ Chip Conley 

This got me to thinking, what does it mean to be a sage ?

It is a word used frequently around all forms of ancient wisdom, though often considering (including by the Stoics) as unattainable.

Nonetheless, words like, wisdom, calm, patience, listening, tranquil come to mind to me.

This also reminds me of a model called “Seven Leadership Archetypes” taught to me by Ed Percival (that he himself learned form a mentor called Ray Bell).

I’ve since passed on this learning to many, and share it today.

It simply outlines different archetypes and links them to the energetic impact of that style, with the higher up the table, the more followers are energised, and the lower down, all those below the “status quo” level drain energy from followers.

Perhaps I agree with the Roman Stoics. As being a Sage is the top level, it is something to be sought, yet never truly attained.

SAGE Timeless, Universal Principles

VISIONARY Goes out to the Future, brings it Back

MAGICIAN Limited Resources to work with, “pulls Rabbits out of the Hat”

STEWARD Status Quo tending to Entropy :  
“a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder”

WARRIOR Battle, Fight, Soldiers, Survival – saving the kingdom from attack

POLITICIAN Save Face, Not looking for real change – internal focus

VICTIM It’s the fault of the outside the weather/economy/them