A Trust Story – Pindrop

“We want you to trust us, so it makes sense that we choose to trust you”

Let me tell you a story around this phrase that I heard the other day.

Over the last year I had the feeling that my hearing in one ear was not great, so last month I took the plunge, googled, then found a hearing specialist in London.

That specialist was Pindrop Hearing.

Now, I’ve recently moved to the UK after living more than half my life in Cayman, an environment where medical care is broadly similar to the USA model of “pay for service”.

The service at Pindrop is exceptional, yet one thing stood out for me. After my consultation with Rony Ganguly, the founder of the practice, as I got up to leave I asked him if I was to pay at reception. In a highly relaxed way, he said, ‘oh no, we’ll email you the invoice”.

Really, I asked? You see, I’m so used to paying at the time, if not being made to show I could pay before even receiving a consultation or treatment. Not here. I’d made the appointment online (and then received convenient confirmations by both email and text), then simply come to the consultation. No proof of insurance, no request for payment in advance, and now no requirement to pay before I left.

Refreshing and different!

Sure enough, that same day I received the email invoice, so I was energised to go to my online banking and pay it right away.

Now, a few days ago I then had a follow up with Rony’s colleague, Rakesh Patel, at their other location in London. It was a quick appointment and he didn’t have someone else waiting right away, so I felt to share my experience and ask him his thoughts on this.

As an experienced leadership coach focussed on the “being” of leaders and the presence they bring and philosophies they live, what Rakesh said next really landed.

“We want our patients to trust us, so it makes sense that we choose to trust them”

Nothing more to say here, other than I saw everything in their practice, who they are, how they show up, how they operate…. all of it radiated out from Rakesh’s simple statement.

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