Loss of Control and Growth

loss of control Step Forward Into Growth Abraham Maslow

Bravery is a big word for me, and something I read today got me thinking about pendulum swings “from control to loss of control” and how such swings can elevate one forwards if we allow ourselves to stay in the discomfort of feeling “loss of control”.

My Linked In profile says I am a “Sounding Board for brave leaders choosing transformative change”. Holding a mirror up to myself I am always looking to keep bravely transforming myself. Being static holds no appeal to me. And yet..sometimes “loss of control” feels really uncomfortable. Sometimes I don’t feel that brave. Yes, even me, I’m a human too.

So, a few days ago my friend and brave collaborator Dr. Taylor Burrowes had me as her first guest on her new podcast. In this we talked about being an Entrepreneur and whether or not one is cut out to be an Entrepreneur. I found myself coming up with three elements :

  1. Seeing a gap
  2. Being comfortable with risk
  3. Working hard

I also talked about how the world is changing so fast that there soon will be no jobs that can be certain for a lifetime, so every role is at risk.

We are therefore the entrepreneurs of our lives and being comfortable with risk is essential We have to get “comfortable being uncomfortable” with the work we choose, the art we make, the life we live.

At times I have felt absolutely “in control” of everything, yet in such spaces, there is so much less room for growth. Sure, it can be exhausting to be “out of control”, and perhaps that is not a healthy state to be in too much of the time, yet it is when we are “out of control”, where we allow ourselves to not know, to be uncomfortable… it is then and there where we truly open ourselves up to growth and to the richest of life’s experiences.

It was perfect that Taylor asked me to record a podcast with her. Felt a little out of control at times, yet we are both really happy with what flowed. There was definitely some feeling of loss of control and also some growth! Hope you enjoy it too!

A few posts from me all around the theme of stretching, pushing to the edge, being comfortable being uncomfortable.. in short, what it can mean to have “loss of control”.

In closing, loss of control, by definition, will feel uncomfortable. However, do learn from the lessons of the great Katie Ledecky and practice loss of control, practice pushing beyond your limits. Loss of control can then be something you can learn to love and to grow with and through!

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