Not all those who wander are lost

A few days ago it was Halloween and I found myself on a long walk home from a meeting somewhere new to me. I was on a long call with a friend and so didn’t check google maps on my phone.

I found myself a little off with my innate compass, ending up walking through a park, then down by the river, across a beautifully lit bridge, and finally, as it was early evening on Halloween, through a residential area with loads of parents and young children in costume wandering around having a great time.

It reminded me of the line from a poem :

“Not all those who wander are lost”

~ JRR Tolkien

I was wandering, but I wasn’t lost. It was an unexpected joy on a wonderfully crisp Autumn evening in London.

In life and leadership, how much do we leave to chance? how much time do we leave for the unexpected to flow?

I know in my life much of my life has been scheduled and packed in days, weeks and months in advance, without leaving time for serendipity, synchronicity, flow.

What happens when we allow for the unexpected. Perhaps this?

Where magic happens not all those who wander are lost comfort zone