Work With Me

Elevating is the theme around all of my work.

I work in person and remotely around the world with high level leaders (CEOs, Senior Executives, Professional Firm Partners, Founders, Owners) as well as Family Businesses, and also ambitious individuals seeking support for their next big leap.

My Purpose is To Inspire. I care passionately about helping people and businesses see and release their full potential. To do this, we all need someone we can trust to open up to, who will have the insights to see our potential, then belief in us and unlock our own bravery to act and take that leap.

I have been inspiring others throughout my career to take risks, make leaps, to evolve and go further than they could ever have imagined.

What all my clients have in common is a strong desire to be supported to create and achieve brave and transformative change.

For more from past clients, visit the page “What Others Say”)

As one client puts it  : “Tom’s mentorship, professional support and encouragement has been priceless. He defines excellence in this role – listening, reflecting, challenging, energising and targeting my creative worth”. (for more on that story, visit the post “Letting the light shine in for others”)


What I offer can be categorised in the following three themes :



As your Sounding Board, I will be your “Go To” person to exchange and test your ideas and decisions with.

Through our working together, you will amplify your impact through clarity, direction, engagement and motivation across and throughout your business.

Examples of that impact from recommendations on LinkedIn and other forums are captured on the page “What Others Say“.

A true Sounding Board for leaders brings both extensive business experience as well as mastery of coaching and mentoring.

For many years I had a hands on role in building, buying, reinvigorating, reshaping, selling businesses of different types and sizes internationally. I then shifted to supporting leaders and organisations around the world, building on prior career skill sets and experience in significant ways, along with deep study, learning and experience as a coach and sounding board.

I fluidly bring this combination of skills and experience to serve your needs meeting by meeting, call by call, moment by moment. One might call that a combination of coach, mentor, consultant, expert ? I simply call it being your Sounding Board.



You need to Align and accelerate your team, then create a strategy that you know will deliver.

By working with me, you receive proven methodology which is delivered allied with extensive business acumen and the skills of a master coach.

Clients contact me when they wish to bring their team together and truly shift their direction and level of alignment.

Typically I get a referral from a past client to you when something isn’t working and past Strategy Days/ Retreats/Offsites/Awaydays haven’t resulted in the impactful changes you hoped for.

An example of an approach to such a project written about here : “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

While the outputs may be simple, I work closely with client leads before, during and after such events so ensure alignment. On the day it should always appear to participants to be smooth and easy, so to achieve that focussed planning and preparation is key. In short, absolute commitment to high impact for you and your team.



For when it is time to inspire and be inspired, to lead brave and transformative change in the culture and behaviour in your business.

You have the confidence to bring in someone who models brave leadership themselves in their work supporting clients through such change.

Inspired Leadership is what is needed to truly create lasting and transformative change in any organisation.

We will work together in a true and immersively collaborative partnership over a period of time in a fashion tailored to your unique needs.

This is not change management consultancy, this is Inspired Leadership, bringing the very best out of you, your team, your business.