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On the “My Story” page, I talk about my Purpose of #ToInspire and my core attributes of Insight, Bravery and Belief , as well as linking to a series of testimonials that give a sense of who I am and the experience of working with me.

On the “My Work” page, I talk about my background and so give a sense of what I bring through expertise, knowledge and (some say !) wisdom to people and organisations that choose to work with me. That page also gives background from my career as to the types of clients I have worked with, including geographies, sectors, scale, nature.

I focus my client work now on three areas :

Sounding Board for Leaders

Peer Groups

High Impact Team Facilitation 


More on each of these areas below.

If you’d like to see what sparks and connections come from a conversation, talk to me.



I work 1:1 with leaders around the world both remotely and in person.

If you are successful, thriving and ambitious, yet also open and humble and willing to be supported to amplify, elevate and accelerate your impact… then perhaps it is time for us to work together.

I will be your partner, your “Sounding Board” to be with you on the journey to realising your brave and transformative vision.

A true Sounding Board for leaders brings both extensive business experience as well as mastery of coaching and mentoring.

For many years I had a hands on role in building, buying, reinvigorating, reshaping, selling many businesses of different types and sizes internationally.

I then shifted to supporting leaders and organisations around the world, building on prior career skill sets and experience in significant ways, along with deep study, learning and experience as a coach and sounding board.

Call it coach, mentor, consultant, expert ? I simply call it Sounding Board.



I’m evangelical about the power of peer groups so am part of the Academy for Chief Executives ,evolving and grow the City of London community of business leaders.

The Academy purpose of UNLOCKING THE POTENTIAL OF BUSINESS LEADERS aligns closely with my purpose of #ToInspire.

We seek CEOs / Owners / Leaders who want to both gain from and contribute to the growing community. For a one page briefing sheet, download : ACE Briefing Sheet 2018.

The City is a magnet, so know that we are open to members who fit our groups and community to come from anywhere as long as they are committed to attending monthly meetings.

Could you be such a leader looking to elevate yourself and others in achieving their visions ? Our members are “Ferraris”, and that persona comes in three forms :

Choosing to operate on less than 12 cylinders

We all know what a Ferrari looks like, but humans can hide their “Ferrariness” and can go through life operating at less than our full potential and choose the easy and safe options without any one knowing they are only operating on a few of the cylinders in their V12 engine, hiding their potential.

Unaware we even have 12 cylinders

How we all live our lives is a choice, but are we all conscious of our potential ? As Suki Smith says, “Awareness is the greatest agent for change”. If we are truly honest with ourselves, are we a Ford making the most of our 4 cylinder engine or a Ferrari barely using the power of the 12 cylinders it has, or somewhere in between ?

V12 in need of a tune up

We will all have setbacks in life and business, and sometimes we need a tune up to get back to living and operating as our full selves. With the self-awareness, courage and humility to ask for support, we can get back to full “tune” again.

For more on these personas, read the full article “Are you a Ford or Ferrari ?

Interested in learning more and seeing if you are a fit ? Visit my page on the Academy site here, or email



I struggle a little with giving a name to what I do here. Facilitation isn’t really the right word, but I am known for my work in this area to be High Impact, so let me describe it by first giving examples of what I often see.

Does your business or organisation run regular (often annual) “Strategy Days” or “Retreats” or “Offsites” ?

Do you go in there with a goal which includes a written output you will deliver on ? Perhaps a Strategic Plan with agreed action items assigned to teams or individuals ?

Have you found in the past that next time (next year?) when you come around to planning your next team session.. that you haven’t maintained the momentum from the day last year and you really need something different ?

This is when I usually get a call. Someone will have suggested me as someone who can have the high impact that you need.

I bring my core attributes of Insight, Bravery and Belief to support you and your team to align and agree on direction and create sustainable momentum that is truly high impact.

An example of an approach to a team day is here : “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“.