This too shall pass

Crisis leadership - This too shall pass

As I write this, Covid-19 is spreading rapidly around the world, with nervousness building with a growing number of people.

Yesterday I wrote: “Act Now” to give thoughts for leaders on how to act and also how to behave in a crisis. Today I am reminded of a post sharing an old fable. The title gives away the punchline, yet please read it still, the story anchors the point, that: “this too shall pass“.

Now, to lessons for crisis leadership.

In “Act Now” I wrote about the experience of Hurricane Ivan in Cayman in 2004. When I emerged after the storm passed, the utter and complete devastation did make me think for a moment that there was no way to recover from this for my country and I felt despondent. However, this was fleeting and I reminded myself of the resilience both of nature and of humanity.

So, it behoves all of us to keep a clear head as this will both help us move ahead and decisively and also to move calmly and steadfastly to support those who depend on us.

From our families to our businesses and organisations, any time there is something new, uncertain and threatening it is natural for some degree of fear to creep in.

Leadership in such a crisis as we all face now requires us all to first recognise that “this too shall pass”, then to exhibit the type of #OpenLeadership that is humble enough to be able to say that we don’t have the answers, but also with the confidence to know that, whatever happens, we will act and get through it together.

This too shall pass.

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